Updating Firmware

Method 1: XMODEM and serial cable - slow

To update firmware without IE use the console port and XMODEM. It will take a long time to push the firmware image over the serial connection but it works. Under OS X I use the mac ports version of Minicom and sz. Be ready to send the file as soon as you select the "upload softare" option as the console software goes directly into XMODEM receive.

Method 2: TFTP

You can also set up a TFTP server (on any Linux/Unix/OS X) machine and transfer the firmware over the network.

This command makes a backup of the boot firmware:

  1. copy boot tftp:
  2. copy image tftp:

If you have a new boot or image firmware on your tftp server go like this:

  1. copy tftp:// boot
  2. copy image
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