Snmp Setup

SNMP setup is quite simple. Please note that this page needs testing before it's a propper howto. I've changed between IE7 and lcli and snmpwalk to figure out what works.

switch# show startup
snmp-server location kjelleren
snmp-server contact "Nicolai Langfeldt"
snmp-server engineID local 80000f730300226b291cc3
snmp-server view viewISO iso included
snmp-server community-group public groupv1read
snmp-server community-group publicv2 groupv2read
snmp-server group groupv1read v1 read viewISO
snmp-server group groupv2read v2 read viewISO
snmp-server group groupv3readauth v3 auth read viewISO
switch# show snmp users

       Name               Group name        Auth            Remote
------------------- ----------------------- ------- -----------------------
       munin            groupv3readauth       SHA

The user "munin" was defined with a password and as local. This (following) lcli command does not seem to be enough, I had to go back to IE to create a working user.

snmp-server user munin groupv3readauth auth-sha <password-here>

As you see the user database is not in the startup configuration.

Having these things set up I was able to use snmpwalk:

snmpwalk -v 3 -a SHA -l authNoPriv -u munin -A *password* switch .

It was impossible to get this working without specifying the security level (-l authNoPriv). With perls Net::SNMP module it was easiser since it deducts the correct security level.

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