Entering Lcli

It looks like strobhen beat me to this discovery. There is a hidden Cisco-like CLI mode available to the SRW series switches!

strobhen already explained how to get to it, but it's a discovery worthy of it's own post to make sure that owners know about it's existance.

Linksys SRW Switch Secret CLI Mode HowTo

1.) ssh, telnet, or console into the switch as you normally would. Do not use the http/web interface.

2.) Log in with the menu system, using a valid, existing, account.
2.a) Provide the username and password, then "execute".
2.b) The "Operation complete" response is received. Press any key.

3.) At the "Switch Main Menu", Press CTRL+z.

4.) A carrot > command line will appear. Type in "lcli" (Light-weight Command Line Interface?) and press Enter.
4.a) There is also a "debug" and "mcli" mode. However, they are password protected. The password is probably hard-coded into the firmware.
4.c) I wonder what "mcli" mode is. Perhaps just an alias for the menu interface?

5.) Log in once again, with the same credentials which you used before.

6.) You are now in a light-weight Cisco-like CLI mode.
6.a) Many, but not all, readline-like key strokes work, such as ctrl+a,e,u,k,h, and up/down.
6.b) Press ? for possible commands.

Other notes;

There is no need to "write mem". Commands are committed immediately.

"show startup" will dump the configuration.

To turn off console logging, which can be quite disturbing, issue the config command "no logging console".

"show bridge addr" will dump the CAM table, like "show mac-addr dyn" on IOS switches.

"show inter status" gives you a quick view of all switch ports on the system.

Entering LCLI on LGS (at least LGS308p -switch)
1. Login with telnet using working credentials (default is admin/admin)
2. press ctrl+a to enter the carrot-menu (>)
3. write lcli to enter the Lightweight CLI. (use credentials from step #1)
4. ???
5. profit
it seems MCLI is available on this switch with password mcli.
seems to be a menu to do changes to stuff in the SNMP mibs.
MIB Variables:
(…) Long list of stuff.

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