Configure Switch's Static Ip Address

While logged into the cli:

console# configure
console(config)# interface vlan 1
console(config-if)# ip address

(where is the static IP address you would like to assign to the switch, is the netmask and is the default gateway)

This applies to the standard configuration where VLAN 1 is the administrative VLAN. If you have changed the administrative VLAN to something else, modify the interface specification above accordingly.

Note that (at least on my SRW2008 switch), if trying to set an IP address on more than one VLAN interface at a time, the switch reacts rather badly:

switch(config)# int vlan 6
switch(config-if)# ip address
ip address table overflow

This means that you must remove the IP address from the current management VLAN, which in turn is a bad thing if you are logged in through telnet/ssh. Because of this, if you change management VLAN to something else (and not merely changing the IP on the current management VLAN), the management VLAN's IP address must be set using the serial console cable.

In case of getting "ip address table overflow" error message I was able to change IP address by using graphical menu: 1. System configuration 5. IP Configuration 1. IP Address Settings (still using telnet/ssh connection)

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