This wiki has some rather terse documentation on how to use the lcli (Lightweight Command Line Interface?) available on Linksys (Cisco) managed switches like the 2008/2016/2024 series. The examples are from a version 1.2 2016:

2016-01# show version
SW version 1.2.2 ( date 28-Jan-2007 time 13:48:36 )
Boot version 1.0.1 ( date 11-Jun-2006 time 18:43:59 )
HW version 00.03.00

If you are used to managing Cisco switches with IOS most of this will look familiar and you can probably just skip this site entirely.

Since the fall of 2010 there has been a Cisco Small Business Managed Switch series 300 with article names like these switches, SRW2008, SRW2016 and so on. They are entirely different beasts: The Web UI works well on Firefox on Linux. There is the possibility of enabeling telnet/ssh login, but what you get is a screen oriented menu system, no CLI. You cannot break out of the menu system it appears.


First, thanks to jMoMo on the Linksys Forums for cluing me in to the existence of lcli. Linksys managed switches are entirely unmanageable using anything other than IE on Windows so having a workable cli is essential for non-Windows users. His original post is here entering lcli. and some more from the linksys forum: configuring interfaces with lcli.

The lcli is somewhat like Ciscos IOS cli. IOS is documented here. Remember that this is a very limited switch so only a very limited set of commands will work and most of them will even not be identical but probably start the same way.


Automating with expect
Spanning Tree
Configure Switch's Static IP Address
SNMP setup

Example Command Output

show startup show interfaces status mcli


About the Firmware updating which switch?

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